© 2017 by Gina Minardi 


When I was 10 years old I walked into my mom's room and announced to her that I wanted to be a Catholic Nun.  

I said, "Love, marriage, and sex seem complicated.  Helping people doesn't."  

Sounds made up, but it wasn't.

My family was Italian, not religious, dysfunctional, wonderful, substance loving, and divorced. 

I've always been curious.

Fascinated by religion, metaphysics, art, philosophy, and social justice from a young age. 

My mom was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in High School.

Other girls were worried about prom dresses, college applications, and fake tans. 

I just wanted my mom to survive. 

She didn't. 

That loss shattered my world.  

I didn't think I'd get through it as a teenager.  

I was angry at the world and a God I didn't know or understand.


It's made me who I am today.  

My well of empathy grew deeper.

My understanding of impermanence grew stronger.  

My belief in my own resiliency expanded.  

My spirituality ever unfolding. 

Fast forward. 

Attended UCSD for Sociology and Fine Art.

Discovered the power of art as therapy. 

Traveled through Central America solo at 24.

Walked away from a nine year relationship (high school sweetheart).

Surfed, taught art to homeless youth, learned the beauty of trusting others, my intuition, and attempted to learn Spanish.

Fell into other relationships.  

Learned that loving and accepting love was incredibly difficult for me.    

Super fast forward.

Taught art to adults struggling with mental illness and developmental disabilities in San Francisco. 

Pure-unfiltered-magic-unfolded in that room.

I wanted to grow more.

Discovered the graduate program of Marriage and Family Therapy with a specialization in Clinical Art Therapy. 

Currently working as a Psychotherapist at The StableSaltwater SessionsResolutions, my private practice, and co-founded Seakher (women's international retreats based in empowerment, mindfulness, community, and epic adventure).

I obsessively surf, hike, love my friends, my partner, dog Lou, a more moderate relationship with wine, and pushing my fears/boundaries.

Because I believe life is about love, lessons, and growth. 

I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to read about me.  

With love, 


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